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As a beginner to the Google Glass world, I was excited to finally borrow a pair for a week and check a pair out.  But I quickly turned into a kid a few days after Christmas – discarding the shiny new toy for my old favorites.

Day one was a treat.  First, opening the box was an experience – fun packaging made it an adventure to get to the shiny new object.  While I was still excited about the Glass, I quickly set up the link to my iPhone and Google accounts.  A few snaps of pictures by voice command, and I felt like I got quite a bit out of the Glass for the first day. Oh and of course, I  had to share with my friends on social media that I was now the proud *weeklong* owner of a Google Glass.

Day two, the excitement quickly wore off.  I put the glasses on in the morning in an attempt to check my email.  The Google Glass took an entire 2 minutes to turn on, by which point I had already finished reading my emails on my iPhone.  Then figuring out how to get to my email on the Google Glass (“Ok Glass, Ok Glass, No wait that’s not what I meant Glass, stop taking pictures of my living room Glass!”),  was a whole new challenge.  I gave up before I could even get to it because my eyes were aching from staring at the little screen that was an inch from my face.

Days three through six, the Google Glass made for a nice showpiece on my bookshelf and a great conversation topic whenever anyone came over.  The case for the Glass took up half of a shelf because it’s not possible to fold them into a more compact size.  There was also no way I was going to wear them outside of my house – I wasn’t trying to be a “Glasshole”…

Day seven, it was time to return the Glass.  As I went to do a “factory reset”, I realized that the Glass was dead.  Even though I had not touched it since Day two!  In comparison, my Kindle battery lasts week without needing a charge, even when being heavily used.

Google Glass team, before I consider using these again, here is what would need to change:

1.  Glasses need to boot in less than 15 seconds

2. Menu needs to be clearer to navigate, without needing voice commands

3. Screen needs to be easier to see without getting headaches and without needing a black background behind it

4. Glasses need to fold up into a smaller size for easier storage and portability

5. Frames need to be MUCH more attractive and trendy, to a point no one can really tell it’s not a normal frame

6. Battery life should be at least a few days in full use

Good luck Glass team, looking forward to seeing how this product evolves!



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